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band/tattoo blog †
The 91 question tag!

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  1. Age?   17
  2. Name? Janna
  3. Location? The Netherlands
  4. bath or shower? Bath
  5. shorts or trousers? Shorts
  6. do you prefer to be inside or outside? That depends on the weather
  7. plants or cacti? Plants
  8. favourite food? A lot haha, pizza I think
  9. favourite movie? It has to be a horror movie for sure
  10. favourite book? I have to start reading books then, can’t answer this question
  11. If you could go anywhere right now where would it be? England or Hungary don’t know why
  12. do you get on better with your mum or dad? Can I say my sister? haha
  13. favourite animal? Mouse or a dog or a fish? 
  14. if you could meet any actor/actress who would it be? Johnny Depp 
  15. if you could go into any book or film which would it be? A horrormovie omg that would be so cool!
  16. what was/is your favourite subject at school? English
  17. what annoys you the most? IDK?
  18. do you prefer bright or dark colours? Dark
  19. put your music on shuffle what’s the first song that plays? La mia città - Emma Marrone or day drinking - Little Big Town
  20. where do you want to live when your older England or Texel ( little island by The Netherlands)
  21. favourite quote? Is it weird that I don’t have a favourite quote?
  22. favourite album at the moment? Schiena - Emma Marrone 
  23. prefer laptops or desktops? Laptops
  24. favourite website? Tumblr and Netflix DUHH
  25. did you always have this blog or did you have previous ones? It’s my second blog
  26. do you think there should be world peace? Totally
  27. do you prefer it when its hot or cold? Both
  28. make-up or natural skin? Make-up 
  29. favourite blogs? issard and many mooooore
  30. favourite band? Little Big town
  31. favourite accent? British and northern ireland
  32. favourite country? England
  33. most worn clothing item worn recently? Black leather jacket
  34. favourite sport? running IDK?
  35. what’s your biggest fear? No idea?
  36. what was the last word you said? I don’t remember lol
  37. are you watching the world cup? Go Holland! yeah
  38. who was the last person you hugged? My bed haha
  39. last person you shouted at? My mom or dad
  40. haha running out of questions- give me some blog advice? Reblog only what you like not what others like? I dunno? Be yourself? I not good at giving advice hah
  41. what has been the best event in your life so far? Trip to London with school, It was my first time abroad. TAKE ME BACK!
  42. most embarrassing moment? can we not talk about this haha
  43. prefer to eat out or in the house? In 
  44. been on holiday this year? Nope
  45. going on holiday this year? Only for a week
  46. hot or cold places when you go on holiday? Both
  47. are you outgoing or shy? Depends on the people around me
  48. are you a loud or a quiet person? Both I think?
  49. do you prefer to hang out with boys or girls? Boys
  50. what is your dream job? Don’t know 
  51. what tv shows do you watch? American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, Orphan Black
  52. are you scared of water or do you like swimming? I hate swimming
  53. how long has this taken you? Oops didn’t count
  54. what do you want to do in the future? Travel 
  55. what’s your fondest childhood memory? Make really really weird videos with my best friend easytogetlost- , let’s not forget the ‘snowhug’ 
  56. what was your childhood pet? a gold fish, he only lived a half year, I cried so hard omg…
  57. favourite hobbies Watching movies/series
  58. favourite colour? Black 
  59. favourite shops? H&M, New Look
  60. how long has this taken you now? Didn’t count oooops.
  61. boyfriend/girlfriend? Boyfriend
  62. favourite outfit? Black leather jacket, black jeans, black T-shirt, gold chain und mah hair in a messy bun
  63. favourite shoes? Vans
  64. what’s your favourite dessert? I don’t really like desserts
  65. if you could travel the world would you? Yeeeeeeeeees
  66. if you got 1 million dollars what would you do with it? Travel, travel, buy a house
  67. favourite shoes? Vans… like i said ;p
  68. favourite actor/actress or both? Didn’t I already answer this haha? Johnny Depp 
  69. what’s your star sign? Taurus
  70. what’s your favourite month April, my birthday is in that month haha
  71. favourite season? Spring
  72. what was your favourite childhood tv show? Rocket Power, Bassie en Adriaan, Buurman&Buurman
  73. if you had three wishes what would they be? Health, meet Adam Lambert, meet Little Big Town
  74. what is the one special power you wish you had? Teleport
  75. what’s the thing you say the most? haha was wel lache
  76. what do you say when you get mad? fuck 
  77. something you regret? IDK?
  78. last person you kissed? good friend of mine, but it’s a long time ago haha 
  79. what is the  one thing you wish you could change about yourself? Mah body?
  80. siblings? A sister, her name is Tessa iamjustdrunkagain
  81. ahh nearly there!! Let’s go to the next question then…
  82. if you could bring any fictional character to life which would it be? does that mouse from the movie Ratatouille count haha?
  83. give one word that describes you with these letters
  84. A?
  85. G?
  86. K? I don’t know any words… sorry
  87. Tired, that’s how I feel right now
  88. Black, I like dark colors
  89. Mouse, I want one again :3
  90. Ehhrm, I don’t know anything
  91. now its your turn have fun cutie!! :D

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